Is troy movie a real story

    Is troy movie a real story

  • 1 Until 1870 no one believed in it

    According to Wikipedia until 1870 it was generally believed in western Europe that the story wasn't real and that the city of troy never existed.

  • 2 Some Historians believe it's fiction

    Some historians believe that the story of the siege of troy , which is based on Homer's lliad, is just a fictional story that never happened. Most of those historians however believe that the city of Troy actually existed.

  • 3 Some historians believe parts of the story

    Some historians believe that Troy's siege was a real historical event. Those historians believe that parts of the story are true.

  • 4 Troy's location

    The archaeologists Heinrich Schliemann and Frank Calvert claimed that troy was located at Hissarlik, an archaeological site in Turkey. Most historians , including the ones who don't believe the war took place, now believe that this place has the ruins of Troy.

  • 5 The Greeks believed in the story

    According to Wikipedia the Greeks treated the story as a real historical account of a war that actually took place. See also why some people loved the movie troy.

  • 6 The time of the war

    The Greeks believed that the war took place in the 13th or the 12th Century. Modern historians ,who believe in the story, believe it took place in either the 11th or the 12th century.

  • 7 Some believe the story is exagerated

    some Greek historians believed that Homer exaggerated the story in his poems to suit the writing needs.

  • 8 No Evidence Achilles existed

    Up to this day there is no evidence that Achilles or Helen existed. There is also no evidence to deny their existence.

  • 9 It was a long war

    According to many historians , who believe in the story, the war was long and spanned many years. 

  • 10 No evidence for the Trojan horse

    Some people believe that Homer was using a metaphor when he referred to the Trojan horse and that the Trojan horse never existed.

  • 11 There were many wars

    According to some historians the city of Troy was raided often due to its attractive location. The city was destroyed and built many times and so there was more than one war.