It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, (character) explained

  • 1 Pennywise is an eternal entity

    Pennywise the Dancing Clown is actually an eternal entity that has superior abilities.

  • 2 It originated in the Macroverse

    It, "Pennywise", originated originally in the Macroverse, in the void containing and surrounding the Universe.

  • 3 It is a shapeshifter

    It is a shapeshifter or an entity with shapeshifting abilities that can take shape of anything that it chooses to. In the novel, it could shapeshift and take the form of bats, leeches and even werewolves. 

  • 4 It's true form exists in a different realm

    It's true form is beyond what the human eye can comprehend. The closest shape of which the eye can make is that of an enormous female spider.

  • 5 It sleeps for 27 years

    It sleeps for 27-30 years at a time, only waking up to feed and wreak havoc in the town.

  • 6 It eats children

    It feeds on children. It can feed on any human, but it prefers children because their fears are easier to interpret.

  • 7 It describes itself as a superior being

    It describes itself as a superior being and as for the people, they are mere "toys".

  • 8 It's true form is called "Deadlights"

    It's true form which doesn't exist in the physical world is called "Deadlights" which drives the living to insanity. This is inspired by Lovecraftian horror

  • 9 It has connections with the Dark Tower

    The character has connections with the Dark Tower, another of Stephen King's works. While it is never confirmed, It is supposedly either a "twinner" or one of the Six Greater Demon Elementals.