It Comes at Night movie 2017 - Explained

    It Comes at Night movie 2017 - Explained

  • 1 The 'it' refers to fear and anxiety

    The filmmaker referred to the fact that the 'It' could be referring to the fears and anxieties people get. In the movie, we see Travis having problems sleeping and that his worries and fears become strong at night.

  • 2 The movie is about fear

    The movie is about fear, and especially fear of the unknown. Many elements of the movie including Travis' nightmare make it clear that the movie is about fears and worries that come to people when they face the unknown.

  • 3 Something attacked Stanley

    While we were never shown what happened to Stanley, it was clear from the sounds that something attacked it. When the dog arrived to the door it was in very bad condition, which is proof that it was attacked.

  • 4 Andrew got infected

    Andrew has a sleep walking issue. He is probably the one who opened the door at night without realizing, and as a result, he got sick.

  • 5 Andrew got sick first

    We knew earlier in the movie that the symptoms of infection show within 24 hours. Since Andrew developed the infection first, it was clear that he was the one who opened the door.

  • 6 Andrew infected Travis

    Travis got infected when he walked Andrew back towards his family's room. The virus spreads by physical contact and so Travis got infected when he held Andrew's hands.

  • 7 Travis' nightmares become true

    By the end of the movie it was clear that Travis' worst nightmares and anxieties became true. He realized that he is infected and that he will probably die soon.

  • 8 The whole family is probably sick

    Travis' whole family is probably sick, as they interacted with Andrew and Travis without masks. The final scene shows that the family has probably accepted their own fate.