List of 2016 Top Horror Movies

  • 1 The Conjuring 2 (7.5)

    The Conjuring 2 continues the horrific tales of old school horror movies of its precessedor with supernatural and psychological horror with great visuals that earned it the 7.5/10 rating on imdb.

  • 2 The Wailing (7.5)

    When a stranger arrives to the village, incidents follow in what makes a mystery to a policeman seeking to save his daughter.

  • 3 10 Cloverfield Lane (7.3)

    The spiritual sequel to 2008's Cloverfield carries an intense and unpredictable series of horrific events.

  • 4 Don't Breathe (7.2)

    When a group of teenagers attempt theft on a blind marine, they find themselves facing a ruthless psychotic killer.

  • 5 Under the Shadow (7.0)

    Taking place in Iran, the movie takes a different twist than other movies, as it follows a mother and a daughter in the terrors of the post-revolution times.

  • 6 Hush (6.6)

    Hush deals with a deaf writer who finds herself fighting for her life in her solitude in the woods. 

  • 7 Lights Out (6.4)

    A family finds itself caught in a supernatural event that they must escape for their survival.

  • 8 The Shallows (6.4)

    In a war against one of nature's scariest marine-time beasts, Nancy seeks to have the stronger will in a contest against a great white whale.

  • 9 The Eyes of My Mother (6.2)

    A young woman is confronted by a tragedy that takes over her deepest and darkest desires.

  • 10 Ouija: Source of Evil (6.1)

    The prequel that explains the events that happened in 2014's Ouija are explained in a horror movie that surpasses the original.

  • 11 Before I Wake (6.1)

    A young couple discovers that their adopted child's nightmares and dreams manifest into reality as he sleeps.

  • 12 The Boy (6.0)

    A babysitter finds herself in the company of a life-sized doll. She then comes face-to-face with a life threat in a horrific twist that makes the movie one of the best in 2016.

  • 13 The Purge: Election Year (6.0)

    The Purge follows sergeant Barnes as he takes the role of the head of security for a presidential candidate who is a death target on Purge Night.

  • 14 Pride & Prejudice and Zombies (5.8)

    Five Sisters team up to face drama as they struggle to survive against a growing population of zombies in the 19th century.

  • 15 The Monster (5.3)

    A mother tries to protect her daughter as they are confronted by a monster in a deserted road.

  • 16 The Blair Witch (5.1)

    In the sequel, Heather's brother attempts to find where his sister vanished with a group of friends.