List of the people who succeeded late in life

    List of the people who succeeded late in life

  • 1 Colonel Sanders - Kentucky fried chicken

    Colonel Sanders started Kentucky fried chicken when he was above 60 years old. Later it became one of the biggest food chains in the world .

  • 2 Raymond Chandler - A famous writer

    Raymond thought about writing when he lost job because of the great depression. He started writing when he was 44 and later he became a famous writer who is believed to be one of the few people who founded the school of detective fiction .

  • 3 Chris Gardner - The millionaire in pursuit of happiness

    Chris Gardner is the man Will smith portrayed in his film pursuit of happiness. He was homeless while trying to raise his son. He became a millionaire at his 40s .

  • 4 Susan Boyle - A famous singer

    Susan struggled for years to become a singer. She was also mentally handicapped. She didn't make it to fame before 47 where she became famous and sold millions of copies of her albums .

  • 5 Martha Stewart - Famous business woman

    Martha didn't make her first million before she was 40. After selling her business for 1 million she started other businesses and her net worth exceeded 500 million in 2011 according to Wikipedia .

  • 6 Wally Amos - Amos cookies

    Amos started his business when he was almost 40. few years later he was making more than 12 million dollars a year .

  • 7 Julia Child - Author and TV star

    Julia was 50 when she published her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking which became a best seller and made her famous .

  • 8 Morgan Freeman - Famous actor

    Morgan Freeman was 45 with no big success in acting. He didn't start to become known before he hit his 50s. Later he become one of Hollywood's most famous actors .

  • 9 James Dyson - A famous billionaire

    James Dyson tried to many times to sell his vacuum cleaner to companies who refused to buy his idea. Later on in his 40s he decided to start his own company and he became a billionaire as a result .

  • 10 Samuel Jackson - a Famous actor

    Samuel Jackson had small roles up until his early forties. It wasn't until he became 43 that he got famous when he won an award at the film 'Jungle Fever' .

  • 11 Henry Ford - The ford company

    Henry Ford had gone through many failures before he created his very successful T-model when he was 45 years old .

  • 12 Charles Darwin - A famous scientist

    Charles Darwin was relatively unknown for most of his life. It wasn't until he became 50 when he published his book 'On the Origin of Species' that made him very popular .

  • 13 Ray Kroc - McDonald's

    Ray Kroc was a milkshake machine sales man. He bought McDonald's when he was 52 then turned it into one of the biggest food chains in the world (See how Mcdonald's started).

  • 14 Mark Pincus - Zynga

    Mark Pincus was always passionate about games but he never started Zynga, the famous company that made Farmville, before he was 41 .

  • 15 Steven Seagal - Famous actor

    Steven was passionate about acting but he didn't become famous before he was 40 when his movie under siege became widely popular .

  • 16 John Warnock & Charles Geschke - Adobe founders

    Both John Warnock & Charles Geschke started Adobe when they were over 40. Adobe systems became an extremely successful company that makes billions of dollars of revenues each year (See how Adobe started).

  • 17 Stephen Kaufer - Trip Advisor

    Stephen Kaufer started Trip advisor at his late thirties but the company didn't become known before he was at his forties. According to Wikipedia the website made more than 1.2 billion in revenues in 2014 .