Lucky Number Slevin (2006) explained

    Lucky Number Slevin (2006) explained

  • 1 Slevin Kelevra is seeking revenge

    Slevin Kelevra is actually a race horse name. It's Henry's pseudonym as a hitman and Henry is seeking revenge on the people who murdered his parents.

  • 2 Mr Goodkat didn't kill Henry

    Mr. Goodkat did not kill Henry when The Boss and Rabbi sent him to do the mission despite being a well-reputed assassin. However, Mr. Goodkat refused to kill Henry and instead took him in and trained him.

  • 3 Henry's dad was a gambler

    Henry's dad was a gambler who fell in great debt because the horse he put his dollars on lost the race. He owed people a lot of money and those people whom he owed owed both the Boss and Rabbi. Therefore, when the time came for debt collection, Rabbi and The Boss ordered the hit on Henry's family.

  • 4 Henry and Mr. Goodkat killed the bookies

    Henry and Mr. Goodkat are the ones who killed the two bookies so that they could go on with the plan to get both Rabbi and The Boss.

  • 5 Rabbi and the Boss were friends

    Rabbi and the Boss used to be partners then they fell apart and split their business despite having their headquarters across the street from one another.

  • 6 Henry used Nick Fisher for his plan

    Nick Fisher was killed early on in the movie so that everybody would confuse Henry with Nick Fisher. 

  • 7 Mr. Goodkat knew about Lindsey

    When Mr. Goodkat told Henry that he needed to get rid of Lindsey. He knew that he wouldn't kill her and he was okay with that. When he appeared at the end of the movie, he confirmed that he knew all along and that he felt that Henry was his son.