Mr. Nobody (2009) movie explanation

    Mr. Nobody (2009) movie explanation

  • 1 The whole story was part of the child's imagination

    The whole story that 118-year old Nobody told to the journalist was in the imagination of the 9-year old kid, Nemo. When his parents separated and he had to choose between the two of them, he started imagining how his life would be like with both parents. 

  • 2 The kid can predict the future

    Before Nemo was born, he saw the angels of oblivion erasing memories of other unborn children because those children knew everything about the future. Every child got his turn, but Nemo didn't, which is why he was able to predict the future. 

  • 3 Nemo knew everything but he had to make decisions

    The film indicates that the future could have many possibilities based on one's choices, and because Nemo was able to predict the future of every possibility, he couldn't make any decisions because he knew all the bad scenarios that could come out of each decision he makes.

  • 4 The butterfly effect was the reason why Nemo's parents met

    The butterfly effect was an important factor in the film; it was the reason why Nemo's parents met and fell in love with other, and later in the film, it was also the reason why Nemo lost Anna's number. 

  • 5 Young Nemo had to make an impossible choice

    When Nemo had to choose between his mother and his father when they separated, he pictured how his life would be like with both of them, but in the end, he ran away from the decision till he met his destiny with the love of his life Anna. 

  • 6 If Nemo lives with his mother, he'd meet Anna

    Nemo imagined various scenarios if he lived with his mother. The first scenario is that he might meet Anna at school but nothing would happen between them because he insults her. The other scenario is that he might not insult her and that would make them be together.

  • 7 If Nemo lives with his father, he'd marry either Jean or Ellise

    If Nemo chooses to live with his father, there could be two possibilities. The first is marrying Jean, having kids with her and then getting killed. The other is marrying depressed Ellise, having kids with her, but in the end she'll leave him.