Now You See Me 2013 - movie explained

    Now You See Me 2013 - movie explained

  • 1 Dylan's father died during a performance

    Back in the 70s, Dylan's father was a magician who was trying to save his ruined career. Dylan's father decided to do one last trick to save his career by escaping from inside a safe held underwater. He died during the performance.

  • 2 Thaddeus was responsible for the death

    Thaddeus, played by Morgan Freeman, was the one who ruined Dylan's father's career by exposing his magic tricks. 

  • 3 Dylan decided to avenge his father

    Dylan decided to avenge his father. He wanted to take revenge against Thaddeus, the insurance company that refused to give them money after his father died, and the French bank that was supposed to issue the money.

  • 4 Dylan became a powerful magician

    Dylan developed a double identity. The first was the fake one, which was the FBI agent, and the second was his real identity which was the magician.

  • 5 Dylan invited The Four Horsemen to a secret community

    Dylan sent messages to the four members who would later become the four horsemen to invite them to a secret community of elite magicians called The Eye. The four horsemen never saw the person who invited them until the end of the movie.

  • 6 Dylan used The Four Horsemen to seek vengeance

    Dylan created a complicated theft plan that involved taking revenge against the insurance company, the bank associated with it and Thaddeus.

  • 7 The Four Horsemen robbed the bank

    The four horsemen followed Dylan's plan and robbed the bank. It was a carefully planned theft that had nothing to do with real magic but they just made it seem like it was magic.

  • 8 The Four Horsemen stole Tressler's money

    The four horsemen moved to step two of the plan which was stealing Tressler's money because he owned the insurance company, and giving it to all victims who never managed to get any insurance from the company. Those victims were the audience of the show.

  • 9 Thaddeus was framed

    The final part of the plan involved framing Thaddeus by putting some stolen money in his car. Thaddeus was framed and arrested by Dylan.

  • 10 Dylan revealed his identity

    Dylan told Thaddeus about his true identity to make him feel bad. He also exposed himself to Alma because he liked her, and to the four horsemen. The four horsemen were then allowed to join The Eye, the secret society they always wanted to join.