10 Reasons some people are addicted to exercise

    10 Reasons some people are addicted to exercise

  • 1 It helps them maintain the desired body image

    People who were too slim or too obese before sports usually become addicted to exercise after realizing it can help them maintain their desired body image. Those people usually hate going back to their original shape and so become addicted to exercise.

  • 2 They got addicted to the mood enhancement exercise outs them in

    All people use different ways to regulate their moods and feel better. Those who exercise regularly felt the change in mood that happens after exercise so many times and so they got addicted to it. When those people stop exercising they usually experience withdrawal symptoms.

  • 3 Exercising releases Endorphins

    Endorphins are the body's natural Pain killers. They reduce physical and emotional pain and help the people feel better. Those who exercise often usually get addicted to endorphins and get very unpleasant feelings when they stop.

  • 4 Exercise has dramatic impact on the mood

    Exercise reduces stress, depression, improves the mood, makes the person feel more energetic, optimistic and helps him forget about his daily problems and worries. After a person experiences this dramatic mood improvement for sometime, he becomes addicted to exercise.

  • 5 Exercise increases serotonin levels

    Exercise is known to promote the release of serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for mood regulation. Serotonin is sometimes referred to as the happiness hormone.

  • 6 Exercise can increase dopamine levels

    Dopamine is a chemical that controls the pleasure reward circuit in the brain. Dopamine is released when people take drugs or have sex. Because exercising can promote the release of dopamine, it can have addictive effects on people.

  • 7 They see results

    People who keep exercising for some time start seeing results such as less body fat, better health, better shape..etc. So many people get addicted to those results and develop an exercising addiction.

  • 8 Guiltless addiction

    While some types of addiction can result in a lot of guilt, exercising is a guiltless addiction. In fact, the opposite is true, those who exercise often feel really bad when they skip a training day.

  • 9 Self esteem boost

    Exercise makes many people feel better about themselves, as a result of the positive perception they develop of themselves and the improved body shape, so many people get addicted to the self esteem boost they get from exercising.

  • 10 Addicted to strength

    Some people become addicted to the new level of strength or endurance they reach as a result of exercising often. This keeps those people addicted to exercise because they always want more strength and power.