Rememory movie (2017) explained

    Rememory movie (2017) explained

  • 1 Sam was responsible for Jane's death

    By the end of the movie, it's reveled that Sam was partially responsible for Jane's death. This is why Sam wanted to help find out who killed Dr. Gordon.

  • 2 Sam was about to tell Dr. Gordon

    Sam's car was parked near Cortex's building because he was probably thinking about telling Dr. Gordon what he did. However, he never made a move and then Dr. Gordon died.

  • 3 The machine killed Dr. Gordon

    Dr Gordon was eager to wipe out some of his memories, including his daughter's memories. He knew that the process was very risky, but he decided to do it anyway. The machine ended up killing Dr. Gordon instead of helping him forget.

  • 4 Sam couldn't face Carolyn

    Sam couldn't face Carolyn with the truth that he is responsible for the death of her daughter. By the end of the movie, he gave her the memory glass that would show her what he did but she didn't watch it.

  • 5 Todd didn't kill Dr. Gordon

    Even though Todd was disturbed, he didn't kill Dr. Gordon. He fired warning shots near him but he never actually did it.

  • 6 Sam got over his pain

    By the end of the movie, it was evident that both Sam and Carolyn managed to get over their pain as they got rid of the last pieces of memories that reminded them of what went through.

  • 7 Humans can't get rid of their memories

    One of the things that the movie was trying to say is that memories are an integral part of being human and that humans can hardly get rid of those memories. Dr. Gordon tried to do that but he ended up dead.