Safe combinations in Dishonored 2

  • 1 Chapter 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

    Dr. Galvani's Safe: The safe combination is 451.

  • 2 Safe combinations are randomized

    The game has a system where the safe combinations are randomized starting from Chapter 2 to be walkthrough proof. However, the locations to find them will be listed here.

  • 3 Chapter 2: Edge of the World

    Overseer Building Safe: The safe combination is located in the adjoining room of the Seven Scriptures. There is a note in the music box that points out the combination. 
    Winslow Safe Company: The combination is in the cash register.

  • 4 Chapter 3: The Good Doctor

    Adermine Institute Lobby: Head to the corridor an abandoned wing where you will find a dead body. Next to the dead body is the combination. 
    Dr. Vasco's Office: Speak to Vasco and he will give you the combination.

  • 5 Chapter 4: The Clock Work Mansion

    Alley Office: Two of the numbers are written on a chalkboard and the last is a guessing game. 
    Carriage Gate Code: At the top floor of the Grand Guard Building, located next to the carriage stop.

  • 6 Chapter 5: The Royal Conservatory

    The Infested Lecture Hall: The safe code can only be gained from the Black Market Shopkeeper in the area and can be stolen if you break in.

  • 7 Chapter 6: The Dust District

    The Dust District has two locks, no safes.
    The Jindosh Lock:
     The Jindosh combination can be found in Durante's office. 
    Black Market Door: This code can be found if you head to the alley behind the building where you will find a wooden board. Shoot it and look inside for the combination.

  • 8 Chapter 7: Crack in the Slab (1)

    The Furnace Room: To solve this, you will need to go back and forth through the past and present. Inside the room, you will find a dog, burn it and then return to the present where you will find two digits and you'll have to guess the last. 

  • 9 Chapter 7: Crack in the Slab (2)

    The Door to the Study: Can be opened if you find Aramis Stilton in the past and get his notebook.

  • 10 Chapter 8: The Grand Palace

    Winslow Safe Company Owner's Safe: You will find the combination written in the picture next to the safe. 
    First Captain's Safe: On the fourth floor, on a note in the left main desk, you will find the combination.

  • 11 Chapter 9: Death to the Empress

    Dr. Galvani's Safe: The safe combination is 451.