Sherlock: The Blind Banker Summary (Episode 2, season 1)

    Sherlock: The Blind Banker Summary (Episode 2, season 1)

  • 1 A girl is tea pot seasoning

    An Asian girl talks about tea pot seasoning; saying that the pot has to be filled with tea. She then finds a statue and stands there in shock.

  • 2 John Watson is shopping

    John is seen shopping. Meanwhile, Sherlock is fighting off an Arab swordsman in his room. John returns home and Sherlock uses his laptop. John then asks to borrow money from Sherlock.

  • 3 Sherlock and John go to the bank

    Before John finishes asking for money, Sherlock tells him that they are going to the bank. They meet a manager called Sebastian and he tells them that there's a security hole in their system and he is willing to pay a great sum of money if they find it.

  • 4 John and Sherlock investigate the bank

    They investigate the bank for a little while but when John asks Sherlock if they should stay longer, Sherlock tells him that he has already figured it out. They go to an apartment and they find a dead body of a banker there.

  • 5 Sherlock claims the victim was murdered

    The police says that the victim committed suicide but Sherlock tells him that he was murdered because he is left handed and he was shot in the right side of the temple.

  • 6 John is looking for a job

    John meets an interviewer who tells him that he's overqualified and he tells her that he needs the money. When he returns home, he's still charmed by her. 

  • 7 Sherlock tells John that there's been another murder

    The two go to the police to convince them to go to the victim's apartment. When the police gets there, they believe there's been another suicide.

  • 8 John finds a clue

    John finds a clue in a library. It has yellow paint, too. Sherlock tells John that to solve the markings, they must seek advice from an artist; a graffiti painter.

  • 9 Soo Lin Yao disappeared

    Soo Lin Yao has disappeared and her coworker is looking for her. John gets the journalist's diary and Sherlock investigates the murdered banker. He finds out that he was in China and he delivered a package.

  • 10 They found out about the symbols

    They find out that the symbols left in the crime scenes are dual numbers that ancient traders used.

  • 11 They find Soo Lin Yao's apartment

    Sherlock breaks into her apartment while John can't get inside. Someone attacks Sherlock and leaves him out of breath before he can get to the door.

  • 12 Sherlock goes to the museum

    They investigate the museum to find Soo. They only discover the statue at the beginning which had been painted over with more symbols.

  • 13 The graffiti artist finds Sherlock

    He tells him that someone has been using the same paint he asked about. They find a spray can lying around and then John finds a list of the symbols. When Sherlock arrives, the list has been painted over but John took a picture of it.

  • 14 They search for the girl again

    Sherlock discovers that Soo has been polishing the tea pots even after she had disappeared. John and Sherlock wait till nightfall and they find her. She tells them about the murderer who is known as the Spider.

  • 15 Soo tells them about the Black Lotus

    She tells the duo about the Black Lotus organization which is into smuggling. She also tells them that the Spider works for that organization and that he is her brother. She continues to tell them about the book which has all the symbols but then the lights go out.

  • 16 Soo Lin Yao dies

    The Spider stands behind and when his face is revealed, he shoots her.

  • 17 John argues with the police

    He tells the police about the Black Lotus but the police asks them if they have evidence to prove that the Black Lotus is behind the murders.

  • 18 Sherlock visits the hospital

    He flirts with the doctor to gain access to the dead bodies for investigation. He shows the investigator the tattoos on their feet.

  • 19 Sherlock figures out why Soo was killed

    He figures out that she was killed because she had information.

  • 20 They receive books at their apartment

    Boxes of books arrive as Sherlock and John attempt to uncover the secret code that the killers use. That leads John to stay up very late.

  • 21 John falls asleep at work

    He falls asleep on his first day of work. Sarah takes a few patients for him. When he returns home, he tells Sherlock that he's taking Sarah on a date to the cinema, but Sherlock recommends the Chinese circus that's in town for one night only.

  • 22 Sherlock joins John and Sarah at the circus

    He tells John that he needs his help tonight to get the murderer but John is upset with him. 

  • 23 The circus has a show called 'The Spider'

    While John and Sarah are enjoying themselves, Sherlock finds yellow spray paint. He gets attacked but Sarah saves him.

  • 24 The police argues with John and Sherlock

    When they go to the scene, they find nothing. They don't believe Sherlock's claims that someone stole something from the Black Lotus.

  • 25 Sarah finds the code

    Sarah finds the code in one of the pictures. Soo was translating the code for Sherlock and John before she got killed. Sherlock rushes back to the museum but midway he finds tourists. He figures out that the book they have has the code.

  • 26 He figures out what was stolen

    Sherlock figures out that a Jade Pin was stolen. Meanwhile, John gets attacked and kidnapped along with Sarah.

  • 27 The Black Lotus mistakes John for Sherlock

    John has Sherlock's credit card and a check under his name. He has no proof that he isn't Sherlock. They threaten him. 

  • 28 They use Sarah

    They threaten John using Sarah.

  • 29 Sherlock arrives

    Sherlock arrives and attempts to save Sarah but the Spider continuously attacks him. John saves Sarah and kills the Spider.

  • 30 Sherlock and the detective get along

    Sherlock tells the detective that he has a bright future. The detective tells him that if he listens to him, he will have one.

  • 31 Sherlock finds out where the Jade pin is

    He visits the banker's secretary and informs her that he knows that she has the pin and that she had an affair with the banker. She tells him that he didn't care for her then Sherlock tells her that the pin is worth 9 million pounds.

  • 32 The Black Lotus' boss is shot

    When the Black Lotus' boss talks to a stranger under the name 'M.' on the internet, he tells her that he knows she won't betray him right before sniping her.