Should I start developing an android app or an ios app

    Should I start developing an android app or an ios app

  • 1 IOS users bring more profits

    Because the IOS devices are expensive, an iOS user is more likely to pay money than an Andriod user. If you sell something or depend solely on in-app-purchases then start with IOS. Why do some people hate android.

  • 2 Andriod has a bigger market share

    Andriod has a bigger market share. If you only care about the number of downloads or exposure, you should start with an Andriod app. Why android users hate iphone users.

  • 3 Android for fast deploy

    The review process for Andriod apps is shorter and easier. If your mission is to get your app on any store asap then go for the Andriod app. Apple has very strict guidelines and the review process might take some time. Video Summary : 8 Reasons NOT to Buy the iPhone 6 - Matt Schaefer.

  • 4 Never publish both versions together

    It might be tempting to launch your app on both Andriod and iOS at the same time but when you find a bug in the app you will have to fix it 2 times and you will pay double the development cost. Make sure your initial version works perfectly before introducing it to a new store.

  • 5 Find out your target country first

    In one country Andriod might be more popular than iOS, while in another country the opposite might be true. If you are targeting a certain country then find out which Os is more popular and begin with that Os.

  • 6 It's harder to optimize an app for Andriod

    There are so many different Andriod phones out there. While your App might work perfectly on some of them, it might not work so well on others. Testing & debugging the App on Andriod devices is much harder than it is on iOS devices.

  • 7 iOS users pay more than Andriod users

    On average, a single iOS user is likely to pay more than an Andriod user. Add this to the fact that more iOS users are likely to pay money than Andriod users and it becomes clear that if your concern is profit then iOS is the right choice.

  • 8 The cost of development

    Depending on what's more popular in your city, the development price might vary. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to get estimates of development costs for both Andriod and iOS. Use the numbers for decision support, but don't base your decision solely on it.

  • 9 Coinsider cross platform Apps

    Cross platform apps are apps that are written once but can work on different platforms, Xamarin is one of the best cross platforms available. If your app requirements aren't that complex then a cross platform app might do the job.