Side effects of using deodorants

    Side effects of using deodorants

  • 1 May cause breast cancer

    Deodorants contain a chemical called paraben, which has been found in high concentration in breast tumors. See also Side effects of dying hair with henna

  • 2 May cause Alzheimer's disease

    It is said that deodorants may cause Alzheimer's disease since they contain aluminum salts, which have been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. The WHO said in 1993 that there may be a link between Alzheimer's disease and the high toxicity of aluminium. 

  • 3 May cause respiratory and neurological problems

    The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry stated that exposure to increased levels of aluminum, which is found in deodorants, may lead to neurological and respiratory complications such as asthma or nausea. 

  • 4 May increase the risk of birth defects

    Deodorants contain phthalates, a substance that increases the risk of cell mutation that in turn may lead to birth defects. 

  • 5 May disrupt thyroid function

    Deodorants contain triclosan, which has been declared as a pesticide by the FDA and a likely carcinogenic substance by the EPA. Thus, deodorants may cause problems with thyroid function and hay fever due to this toxic substance. 

  • 6 May cause skin irritation

    Deodorants can cause itchiness, swelling, rash or redness due to the substances silica and triclosan that are used in them. In addition, triclosan may cause the underarms to become darker in color. See also Side effects of HGH injections

  • 7 May cause early puberty

    Due to the chemicals present in deodorants, hormonal imbalances may occur, which could lead to early puberty in kids. 

  • 8 May cause bad smelling sweat

    Deodorants may have a reverse effect by producing bacteria that is responsible for bad smelling sweat due to the bacterial imbalance caused by some chemical substances. 

  • 9 May cause kidney and liver disease

    An ingredient used in deodorants, propylene glycol, may bring harm to the liver and kidneys