Siegward of Catarina Quest - Dark Souls III

    Siegward of Catarina Quest - Dark Souls III

  • 1 Undead Settlement

    Siegward is located past Eygon of Carim. If you exhaust his speech, he will move to the lift and move up. Help him fight off the Fire Demon and you will advance in his quest.

  • 2 Cathedral of the Deep

    In order to speak to him, you must first open the big double-doors across from Rosaria's bedchamber. Reload the area to speak to him near the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire. Finally, you must return the Unbreakable Patches to him.

  • 3 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

    You can find Seigward near the Distant Manor Fireplace where you could learn the gestures Toast and Sleep from him. He will offer you Estus Soup.

  • 4 Irithyll Dungeon

    You will find Seigward locked up in a cell where you can free him using the Old Cell Key. However, be wary of the rats because they will spawn several times.

  • 5 Profaned Capital

    Enter the Fog wall to face Yhorm the Giant. Seigward will spawn in a cut-scene and will help you with a Storm Ruler.

  • 6 Engage in conversation after defeating Yhorm

    Engage in conversation after defeating Yhorm. After that, Seigward will walk through the bonfire and towards the throne where he will leave you his armor-set and proceed to die.