Signs of Human Growth Hormone deficiency in adults

    Signs of Human Growth Hormone deficiency in adults

  • 1 Being short compared to others

    Being much shorter compared to others is a sign of growth hormone deficiency. Children who have growth hormone deficiency usually grow at a much lower rate than their peers. See causes of short height.  

  • 2 High levels of fat

    Adults who suffer from GHD have high levels of fat in the blood. This might result in the accumulation of fat around the abdomen.

  • 3 High levels of LDL

    Adults with GHD have higher levels of the bad type of cholesterol (LDL). 

  • 4 Decrease in muscle mass and strength

    People who suffer from GHD usually experience a decrease in the amount of muscles. This is also accompanied by loss of strength and general weakness.

  • 5 Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is a disorder where a person develops an abnormal bone structure that results from loss of bone mass. Growth hormone deficiency might cause Osteoporosis. See how to make your bones stronger.

  • 6 Low energy levels

    GHD might lead to low energy levels and decreased stamina.

  • 7 Depression and anxiety

    One of the signs of GHD in adults is experiencing frequent depression and anxiety. This sign however can't be considered alone, for several other factors can cause depression and anxiety.

  • 8 Problems with memory and concentration

    Growth hormone deficiency can cause an impairment in memory functions and make it hard for a person to concentrate. 

  • 9 Reduced sexual functions

    GHD can lead to a reduced sexual interest, in addition to a reduction in sexual functions.

  • 10 Greater sensitivity to temperatures

    People who suffer from GHD might have a greater sensitivity to both heat and cold than others.

  • 11 Baldness

    GHD might lead to baldness in men. This doesn't mean that all bald people have GHD, as many other factors might lead to Baldness.