Signs of a healthy relationship 

    Signs of a healthy relationship 

  • 1 Open communication

    A sign of a healthy relationship is the way communication occurs. Couples that are able to discuss and share things openly, find success in resolving problems and working as a team. Everything is vocalized and dealt with (see Simple ways to be passionate guy and bring the life to boring relationship).

  • 2 They are affectionate with one another

    A sign of how connected two people are exists in their comfort with one another. Couples who are freely affectionate and loving with one another show their feelings around others. There are visibly no reservations with one another.

  • 3 Family support

    Couples who are supported by their families are more likely to stay with one another. Families will demonstrate their acceptance in the way they interact with the person's spouse.

  • 4 They have a healthy sex life

    A couple may not necessarily share this, but this is a vital sign of a healthy relationship. Expressing their love for one another in the form of physical intimacy builds connections and meets certain needs.

  • 5 They live independent lives

    Couples that have their own separate interests, friends, and social lives that exist independently, are more likely to be satisfied with the partnership. Codependency, a relationship where both people become enmeshed, indicates poor boundaries within a relationship.

  • 6 They prioritize spending time with one another

    An indicator of the success of a relationship is the quality time they spend with one another. Allocating at least one day a week where couples go out together, socialize, and enjoy time together, supports the relationship.

  • 7 They create partnership

    Partnership in a relationship cannot be understated. Whether one person is the breadwinner and the other stays at home, or both are breadwinners and maintain the home, there is a spoken agreement that they work together and maintain responsibilities.

  • 8 They acknowledge one another

    A key to having a successful relationship is through ensuring that your partner feels appreciated, loved and supported. Acknowledging your partner for the things they do ensures that resentment, anger, and bitterness do not build up in the relationship.

  • 9 They are faithful to one another

    Regardless of what the agreement in your relationship is, the key to a successful relationship is honouring it. Whether the agreement is to be completely monogamous, or to be in an open relationship, always be faithful to the initial agreement and discuss it if things change.

  • 10 They are responsible for the relationship.

    Finally, being in a successful relationship requires both people to be responsible for the relationship. When each partner takes responsibility, problem solving and communicating are utilized during disagreements.

  • 11 Personal boundaries are respected

    A healthy relationship requires both people to respect one another's boundaries, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually or financially.

  • 12 Their relationship is stronger than their relationship with their friends

    For a relationship to be healthy a couple must have a relationship that is stronger than the relationships they have with their friends. When that happens the possibility of other people getting to know the details of their fights becomes less and as a result they are less influenced by people.