Signs of low testosterone in men

  • 1 Erectile dysfunction

    Men with low testosterone might have erectile dysfunction or a problem developing or maintaining erections. Frequent erections, on the other hand, can be a sign of high testosterone.

  • 2 Decreased sex drive

    Men who have low levels of testosterone might have a low sex drive and might thus have less sex. Men think about sex often but low levels of testosterone can make a man less interested in sex. 

  • 3 Small chin

    Men who have high levels of testosterone have strong and defined jaw lines. Men who have low testosterone might have small or tiny chins.

  • 4 Feminine voice

    Men who have low testosterone might have a high pitched voice or a voice that sounds feminine. During the development of the body, testosterone makes a man's voice deeper. See natural ways to increase testosterone.

  • 5 Excess accumulation of fat

    Low testosterone levels can lead to excess accumulation of fats in the body. The body will thus become more round than muscular and the man might develop enlarged breasts and a big belly.

  • 6 Infertility

    Low levels of the male hormone might lead to infertility. The man might have no problems having sex, but he might not be able to impregnate a woman easily.

  • 7 Reduced muscle mass

    Testosterone helps in the building of muscles. Low levels of testosterone can make a person's body less muscular and can result in mass loss.

  • 8 Smaller penis

    Low levels of testosterone can force the penis and the testicles to atrophy. The penis might lose length and the testicles might shrink. See does having big testicles mean anything.

  • 9 Weaker memory

    Testosterone affects a male's memory because of the testosterone sensitive receptors present in brain areas related to memory such as the cerebrum.

  • 10 Depression and bad moods

    Many studies have showed the connection between bad moods, depression and low levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can put a person in a bad mood. See how testosterone levels change throughout the day.

  • 11 Weaker bones

    When testosterone levels become low, the bones start to break down faster than the body manages to rebuild them. Low testosterone can thus lead to weaker bones. See how testosterone affects male behavior.

  • 12 Decrease in semen volume

    Low levels of testosterone can result in a decrease of semen volume during ejaculation. See how masturbation affects testosterone.

  • 13 Fast hair loss

    Loss of hair can be a normal part of aging, but lower levels of testosterone might promote fast baldness and body hair loss. See why some men go bald.

  • 14 Fatigue and energy loss

    Men who have lower levels of testosterone might experience fatigue and energy loss. If a man feels tired all the time even though they sleep well, they might have low levels of testosterone.

  • 15 Feminine looking face

    Men with low testosterone might have faces that look more feminine. Large wide eyes, small noses, thin brows and a thin face might all be signs of low testosterone in men. See what makes a man's face attractive.

  • 16 Higher risk of heart attack

    According to one study, men who have low levels of testosterone might have a higher risk of getting a heart attack or dying suddenly from a heart problem.

  • 17 Long refractory period

    The refractory period is the time a male takes before they feel like having sex again after having sex. Low levels of testosterone can make the refractory period longer.

  • 18 Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia is a disorder where males develop female-like breasts. Low levels of testosterone can lead to gynecomastia.

  • 19 Problems focusing

    Low levels of testosterone can lead to brain fog or difficulty in focusing during a task.

  • 20 Sleep problems

    Low levels of testosterone might lead to sleep problems, and might prevent a male from sleeping properly. See how to have a good night sleep.