Silent Hill (2006) explained

    Silent Hill (2006) explained

  • 1 Sharon is an adopted child

    Sharon is a child adopted by the Da Silva family. Her past is unknown and she constantly sleepwalks and dreams about a town that has been abandoned 30 years before called Silent Hill.

  • 2 Rose decided to take Sharon to Silent Hill

    Rose decided that she should take Sharon to Silent Hill because of her dreams and how much she speaks about it. She goes there with Sharon despite Christopher's (her husband) wishes.

  • 3 Silent Hill is a place is not in the real world

    Silent Hill is a place is not located in the real world. It is a separate strip of horror that was manifested by Alessa, a child who was doomed by the city.

  • 4 Sharon is the pure part of Alessa

    Sharon is the pure part of Alessa's soul that had not been tainted by the evils that happened to Alessa.

  • 5 Christopher can't find Silent Hill

    Christopher is unable to find Silent Hill because it does not exist in the physical world. Rather, what exists is the town that had been abandoned and not the true horror town of Silent Hill.

  • 6 Alessa was hated because she was a child of 'sin'

    Alessa was hated because she was a bastard, an illegimate child, whose father was not known. She was taken to be purified through a ritual that ended up with Alessa being severely burnt.

  • 7 Alessa grew angry

    Alessa grew angry and her rage separated the town from the real world in what turned it into a horror town. Her soul was separated into a demon soul and the soul that formed the infant, Sharon.

  • 8 Alessa gets her revenge

    Alessa merges her soul back with the body of Sharon and takes her revenge on the whole city except for Dahlia and Rose who serve as her biological mother and her foster mother respectively.

  • 9 They never return to the real world

    Despite Rose and Sharon returning home, they have remained in the dimension of Silent Hill which explains why Christopher was unable to see them.