Silent Hill: Revelations (2012) Explained

    Silent Hill: Revelations (2012) Explained

  • 1 Heather is Alessa

    Heather is the same person as Alessa. She was formed out of the purity in Alessa's soul as a baby who was later adopted by the Da Silva's. She was originally Sharon Da Silva before her name was changed.

  • 2 Heather was transported from Silent Hill

    Heather was transported from Silent Hill after the events of the first Silent Hill movie where her mother (Rose Da Silva) remains. Her father found her despite her mother's disappearance. Chris and Heather have been on the run since and they have changed aliases many times.

  • 3 The Order wanted Heather

    The cult, 'The Order', wanted Heather because they wanted her to get pregnant with 'God's child'.

  • 4 Douglas was sent to locate Heather

    Douglas was a private detective who was hired to find Heather. He reveals to her that the Order is looking for her because Chris killed someone in the past when he went to look for her.

  • 5 Vincent Wolf is part of the order

    Vincent Wolf is also a part of the Order and he was sent by them to bring Heather back to Silent Hill.

  • 6 Silent Hill is cursed

    Silent Hill is a cursed city where the sacrifice of the Child, Alessa, has turned into a curse, as the child was powerful enough to create an alternative reality for the people who wronged her to live in. That alternative reality is known as the Darkness.

  • 7 Dark Alessa wanted Heather in Silent Hill

    Dark Alessa wanted Heather to come back to Silent Hill so that she could merge the two parts of the soul together in order to have a human body and become strong again.

  • 8 Dahlia is Alessa's mother

    Dahlia is Alessa's real mother who tells Heather that Alessa's soul controls the dark side of Silent Hill.

  • 9 Red Pyramid protects Heather

    Red Pyramid protects Heather because he does not find her guilty. Red Pyramid is an executioner who punishes the guilty.

  • 10 Heather and Dark Alessa merge souls

    Heather and Dark Alessa merge souls in what enables Heather to remember old memories and become more powerful. 

  • 11 Claudia transforms into a monster

    Claudia, the Priestess of the Order, transforms into a monster when Heather gives her the Seal of Metatron. Red Pyramid jumps in to save Heather from the Disk Monster because Claudia is guilty.

  • 12 Chris returns to Silent Hill

    Chris returns to Silent Hill in order to find Rose, his wife who has been lost in that town a long while ago.

  • 13 Heather becomes done with Silent Hill

    Heather becomes done with Silent Hill after she restores herself entirely. Vincent Wolf returns with her because he has no guilt and he is able to go on to the real world with her.