21 Skills You Need For a Better Career

     21 Skills You Need For a Better Career

  • 1 A Can-Do attitude

    Successful companies (big money) look for those who are open to new challenges

  • 2 The Ability to Stay Calm Under Pressure

    Both quality of work and productivity rate of an employee are negatively affected by anxiety and giving in to fear. The value as well as the income of most employees are direct proportional to his/her ability to maintain focus, calmness and confidence under pressure or when things go wrong, skills that can be improved by self awareness.

  • 3 Organization skills

    Prioritizing, delegating, considering deadlines, planning, keeping workplace neat and making life easier fir him/herself in addition to other employees all affect workflow as well as the efficiency and productivity of an employee. The more organized an employee, the more productive he/she is.

  • 4 PRODUCTIVITY: Doing more of the right things in the shortest period of time

    Productivity is not just about being organized.Beside prioritizing and staying neat. Highly productive employees don`t waste time on analyzing or overthinking. Giving so much time for the mind to analyze and overthink a task results only in procrastination, fear, more thinking kills productivity. The rile should be taking action is better than no action, Not the opposite.

  • 5 The ability to improvise and stay in the moment (being alert)

    Improvisation is a skill gained only by experience. Valuable employees are either highly experienced or they mentally walk themselves through various possible situations and train their minds to take fast and correct actions.

  • 6 Problem Solving and logical thinking skills

    Taking the most logical approach towards solving a certain problem and staying focused through the noise and the complexity of life and work separates the highest paid employees from average ones. (Check this article Tips to enhance your logical thinking)

  • 7 Persistence and Ambition

    The willingness to be better everyday and to escalate one`s performance to a higher level and being able to keep pushing when needed to push the company forward.

  • 8 The willingness to go above and beyond for your customer and your company

    Some employees forget the fact that they 'Represent' the company they are working for and let bad moods, anger and emotions of not being satisfied with work conditions (or payment) affect the way they deal with customers. A positive attitude towards customers must be present for an employee to increase his or her value.

  • 9 Having strong people`s skills

    Complementing,patience, attentive listening, nice talking and creating a positive atmosphere with co-workers as well as customers is Important. Most people are either negative or self-concerned, creating a positive energy and building a strong fan base of customers makes an employee hard to be replaced.

  • 10 To be smart enough to prevent anger from ruining his career/reputation

    A valuable employee must be able to deal with a mean colleague, a boss with an attitude or a pushy customer

  • 11 To keep personal problems away from workplace

    Work time is company time, to serve, help and do only what serves the company`s goals and matches its values anything else will be unethical and unprofessional

  • 12 Knowing how to sell

    Most of the time, a person is either selling something (an idea, a claim or a product) or being sold by someone else, thus mastering the skill of persuasion and closing deals increases the person`s value in workplace.

  • 13 The ability to deal with conflicts without affecting company spirit or employees` work rate

    This results from a professional mentality that takes the company`s goals into consideration. Too many noise, hostility or inability to work with team members will set an employee as the weakest chain, and first candidate to getting fired.

  • 14 Looking for opportunities in problems

    A valuable employee must be suggestive and alert to new ideas and opportunities. It comes from a sense of belonging to work and the company as well as being positive, ambitious and eager to be more valuable. Such employee realizes that products and services are nothing but a solution to a certain problem, thus a problem must exist before the valuable service to be created.

  • 15 Being ready to take the lead anytime

    Leadership skills

  • 16 Accept responsibility

    A successful person will take responsibility for everything that happens to him or her. This drives a sense of control, decreases the amount of excuses the employee gives to himself or to others and increases productivity and value.

  • 17 A feeling of your own self worth (confidence)

    That air of self confidence and realization of one`s own worth not only creates allies and followers, it will also help a person realizes how much valuable he or she is to a company, something that will sooner to affect his or her paycheck positively.

  • 18 knowing exactly who you (your company) are selling to

    Companies are all set to sell or serve one or more customers,this makes studying customers a top priority for employees who yearn to increase their value and their income. This not only will help employees sell more, it will also positively affect the employees decision making process when working on satisfying the needs of that customer.

  • 19 A good eye on trends

    The ability to predict trends and market fluctuations is a killer for anybody wishing to take it to the next level. It requires an in depth study to marketplace and a mentality that is open to all expectations and scenarios. It requires a lot of reading as well.

  • 20 Not being stubborn

    To be willing to change mind when proven to be wrong or for the sake of reaching a higher goal.It takes courage, a skill that a few will have.

  • 21 Integrity: Respecting one`s words

    People want to do business with those who are reliable and stick to their words. Having a reputation for the opposite will negatively affect all chances to proceed higher in business and life.