Split Movie (2017) explained

  • 1 Kevin has dissociative personality disorder

    Kevin has Dissociative personality disorder. It's a psychological disorder where a person develops multiple independent personalities. The original personality is Kevin and he is also the host of 23 other made-up personalities that have a life of their own. 

  • 2 It's a defense mechanism

    Kevin's made-up personalities came up as a defense mechanism against the abuse and the horror of the real world. 

  • 3 Kevin was abused

    Kevin was abused by his mother as a child which aided in the creation of the characters in order to protect him psychologically from the abuse.

  • 4 4 Major identities control kevin

    While Kevin has many identities four major ones have the most control over his life. Those identities are Dennis, Barry, Patricia, and Hedwig.

  • 5 The personalities have different roles

    The six personalities that we see in Split all have different roles. Barry was the main character because he is a natural team leader. He shunned Dennis and Patricia away because of their beliefs.

  • 6 Hedwig helped Dennis and Patricia

    Hedwig has the ability to steal the 'light' and use Kevin's body whenever he wants. He helped Dennis and Patricia assume control over Kevin.

  • 7 Casey was abused too

    Casey was abused too, she's a rape-victim and possibly a self-harmer as evident by the scars covering her body which pushed the Monster to believe she doesn't need to be punished.

  • 8 Some personalities believe in the Monster

    Patricia, Dennis and Hedwig have beliefs that a monster resides with them. Kevin is fully aware of his disorder but he lives in his own head while the characters assume control.

  • 9 The Monster is the ultimate alter ego

    The Monster is the ultimate alter ego. He has extreme strength and complex muscle tissue that protects him from firearms and blades. He is also a cannibal and he accepts the sacrifice of Dennis and Patricia.

  • 10 Dennis takes Barry's role

    Dennis takes Barry's role after Kevin meets up with two girls who prank him. He becomes even far less stable and the instability in his head creates a void that would be filled by the Monster's personality.

  • 11 Dr. Fletcher hinted to the change

    Dr. Karen Fletcher foreshadowed the abilities the monster would have because she believed the different identities can make real physical changes to the body. Dr Fletcher believed each identity can have unique powers and can even change a patient's body chemistry.

  • 12 The Monster is a replacement

    The Monster is a replacement for Dr. Fletcher because Dennis and Patricia believe that her methods aren't working.

  • 13 The monster is real

    The monster turned out to be real as Kevin turned out to have the ability to enhance his physical body. Dr. Karen's theory, which states that humans can change their physical bodies, was thus proven correct.

  • 14 The monster spared Casey

    The monster believes that souls who suffer are pure and that they shouldn't be hurt. When it saw the scars on Casey's body it realized that she is pure and that she can't be hurt.

  • 15 Shyamalan wants to tie up his universe

    M. Night Shyamalan began working on a singular universe in 2000 with a movie called 'Unbreakable' starring Bruce Willis. This explains why Bruce Willis appeared in the end of the movie.