Summary of basic Muslim beliefs

    Summary of basic Muslim beliefs

  • 1 There is one omnipotent God

    Muslims believe that there is one superior omnipotent God, Allah, who created everything and who controls everything. God, according to Islam, is far beyond human imagination and is unlike anything people can think of.

  • 2 Mohammed is the last prophet

    Muslims believe that Mohammed is the last prophet sent by God, after the other prophets, to guide mankind to the right path. Muslims believe that Mohammed is a normal human who happened to be chosen by God to deliver the message.

  • 3 Muslims believe in Christianity and Judasim

    Muslims believe in Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and almost all of the Christian and Jewish prophets. A Muslim must believe that all of these messages were sent by God through those prophets in different eras. See why do Muslims fast.

  • 4 Jesus is a prophet not a God

    Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, like any other prophet, sent by God to carry the message of Christianity which was suitable to a specific era. Muslims believe that Jesus was never crucified and that someone else was mistakenly crucified instead of him, whereas Jesus was raised to heaven.

  • 5 The Bible was edited by humans

    Muslims believe that the Bible, both the old and new testament were sent by God; however, they believe they were edited and corrupted by human hands thus changing the original message sent by God and adding new things that weren't there.

  • 6 The Quran is God's last words

    Muslims believe that the Quran, Muslims' holy book, is the last message sent by God to humanity and that it was neither edited nor corrupted by any human. See What does the Quran say About Non-Muslims.

  • 7 Life is a test of faith

    Muslims believe that the world we live in was created to act as a testing ground for humans before they can be held accountable for their deeds on Judgment Day. If a person believed in God and his prophets while doing the right deeds then he will be considered successful.

  • 8 Humans suffer to get tested

    Muslims believe that humans suffer because life is just a test that is either followed by eternity in heaven or hell. People sometimes have to suffer as a part of the test, but in the end righteous people will live in heaven for eternity.

  • 9 There is a judgment day

    Muslims believe in a judgment day where each and every person will be held accountable for his deeds. Good people will be sent to heaven while bad people will be sent to hell.

  • 10 Heaven and hell in Islam are eternal

    Heaven in Islam is a place where any person can get all what he dreams of or thinks of while living for eternity. Hell in Islam is a place where people will keep burning with fire, not a metaphor, for eternity.

  • 11 Believing without good deeds isn't enough

    Muslims believe that a person has to do good deeds, such as telling the truth, in addition to believing in God in order to go to heaven.