The 9th Life of Louis Drax movie explanation

    The 9th Life of Louis Drax movie explanation

  • 1 Natalie was abusing Louis

    Natalie had a psychological disorder called Munchausen syndrome by proxy. People who have this disorder get the attention of their loved ones by trying to put them through near death situations then saving them. Natalie always subjected Louis to danger in order to save him.

  • 2 Natalie poisoned the candy

    Before the picnic, Natalie injected some substance in the candy, probably poison. Natalie was again attempting to put Louis in danger so that she can save him again. Natalie's actions were the result of her psychological disorder.

  • 3 Natalie pushed peter off the cliff

    Natalie was the one who pushed peter off the cliff. It wasn't made clear in the movie whether she did it on purpose or if it was an accident.

  • 4 Louis jumped intentionally

    Louis wasn't able to take the abuse by his mother so he decided to jump off the cliff after he realized that he lost his father.

  • 5 The strange creature was peter

    The strange creature Louis used to see in his dreams was his father, Peter. It was not clear in the movie whether that character was real or one that Louis made up to comfort himself.

  • 6 Louis chose to be in a coma

    Louis was aware of the things happening around him but he chose to be in a coma. He didn't want to come back to life after losing his father and he also didn't want to live with his abusive mother.

  • 7 Louis was controlling Dr. Allan

    Luis developed some kind of a psychic ability and he was controlling Dr. Allan while he was in coma. Dr. Allan used to sleep walk when controlled by Louis and he was the one writing the warning letters.

  • 8 Peter's body was found

    Peter's body was found later on in a cave near the cliff where he was pushed earlier. Peter remained awake for some time in the cave before he passed away.

  • 9 Louis chose to wake up

    After the hypnosis session done to Dr.Allan, which revealed the whole truth, Louis decided to return back to life and to wake up again from the coma.