The Babadook (2014) movie explained

  • 1 Amelia's husband died in a crash

    Amelia's husband died in a car crash while taking her to give birth to her son, Samuel.

  • 2 Amelia blames Samuel

    Amelia blames Samuel for Oskar's death; however, she never said it.

  • 3 Samuel appears to be ill

    Samuel appeals to be ill or to have some mental disability; however, this is due to the feeling that it's because of him that his father died.

  • 4 Amelia used to write

    Amelia used to write, which makes a fun theory that she actually wrote the Mister Babadook book that haunts her later on.

  • 5 The Babadook grows stronger when he's ignored

    The Babadook grows stronger when Amelia ignores his existence. This seems less than a person and more of a feeling.

  • 6 Amelia created the Babadook

    Amelia, as a writer, invented the Babadook because of the suppressed feeling she has towards Samuel. She begins treating him badly with every passing day.

  • 7 Amelia's feelings towards Samuel are disoriented

    Amelia loves Samuel, but she blames him for Oskar's death. She doesn't show that feeling, but it shows in little things like her conversations with her friends, at his school or in his lack of birthday parties.

  • 8 Amelia lets the Babadook take over

    Amelia lets the Babadook take over her. She begins treating Samuel even worse and then she kills Bugsy like the story showed and goes after Samuel

  • 9 Samuel defends himself but shows childishness

    Samuel begins to appear less of a monster when he wets himself after she yells at him. He defends himself in a childish way but manages to knock her out. When Amelia escapes the ropes he tied her with, his humanity and childishness show the most.

  • 10 Amelia finally acknowledges the Babadook

    When Amelia acknowledges the Babadook's existence, she becomes stronger than him and locks him in the basement, which is metaphorical for locking suppressed feelings but managing to acknowledge them nonetheless.

  • 11 Amelia begins to show Samuel love

    Amelia begins to show Samuel love. She takes him to another school and makes him a birthday party. She begins to approve of his magic tricks and show fondness of them. The Babadook remains in the basement where he is locked and treated as a pet, while Samuel can't go in there because he's young.