Who is the Man in Black? - Westworld

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  • 1 William loved Dolores

    William went to the park around 30 years when it was just a new thing with his brother-in-law Logan. There, he met Dolores, the only host that seemed interesting and human enough to him.

  • 2 He became cruel

    When Dolores was taken away, William became a cruel person. The park showed him how he was truly and he was no longer afraid to use violence against the hosts to find Dolores. In his search, he humiliated Logan and dropped Juliet's photograph.

  • 3 Dolores is just a host

    Logan continuously explained to William that Dolores is just a host and that he is engaged to his sister but William was very sympathetic and was falling in love with her.

  • 4 He continued going to the park

    William went to the park again in order to continue his story-line with Dolores but it started from the beginning and he grew bored and sick of it.

  • 5 He was curious

    William grew very curious about the park as he realized that it was made for his and for guest entertainment.

  • 6 He went on a discovering spree

    Over the course of 30 years, William, who became the Man in Black, began to unveil all of the story-lines of the park. It became a hobby to him because it made him discover himself.

  • 7 He is an owner of the park

    William became the biggest share owner of the park. As he describes himself, he's a business titan. He practically owns the park.

  • 8 He wanted to play the final game

    As he puts it, there are two circles in the park. The outer circle, which is the Ford circle and the deep game, or the mind game, which is the Arnold circle as he calls them.

  • 9 He intended to find the Arnold circle

    In the finale of the first season, the Man in Black attempts to find the inner circle, which is practically the Arnold circle. This leads him to Dolores once again. He tells her that it had to be her and then he discovers that there is no inner circle.

  • 10 William is probably dead

    In the final episode, William is shot by hosts who gained power over themselves by Ford. He is likely to be dead.