The Others Movie 2001 Explained

    The Others Movie 2001 Explained

  • 1 Grace's husband died

    Grace's husband died while fighting during the world war.

  • 2 Grace killed herself and her kids

    Grace didn't know how to handle the shock of the death of her husband so she killed her kids by suffocating them with a pillow then committed suicide.

  • 3 The family thought they were alive

    Grace and her kids didn't know they were dead. They believed they were ordinary humans and they were also afraid of ghosts who turned out to be ordinary humans.

  • 4 The old servants dissapeared

    After the death of Grace and her kids the old servants left the house. Grace thought they just disappeared since she didn't know she was dead.

  • 5 The new servants were ghosts

    New servants showed up to help Grace. She thought they read the ad she sent by mail but they turned out to be dead people as well who used to live in that house and who just came back to visit the place they used to live in.

  • 6 The ghosts are the humans

    The Ghosts Grace and her kids were afraid of turned out to be the ordinary humans who just moved in that house. The old lady the kids used to see was a psychic human and this is why the kids saw her often.

  • 7 The humans tried to talk to Grace's family

    The humans tried to make contact with the spirits haunting the house, Grace and her family, to know why they are haunting it. This explains why Grace saw the old psychic lady once instead of the face of her daughter.

  • 8 The husband must haunt the place he died in

    Grace's husband couldn't return to the house because he must haunt the place he died in. This is why he came to say goodbye to his family then left.

  • 9 The kids weren't sensitive to the light anymore

    The kids used to be sensitive to the light when they were alive but after they died the light stopped affecting them.

  • 10 Grace's family is destined to haunt the house

    Grace's family is destined to haunt the house because they died inside it.