The Phantom Pain : How to easily destroy the tanks - Mission 8

    The Phantom Pain : How to easily destroy the tanks - Mission 8

  • 1 Capture the outpost

    Before acquiring the Intel file capture the outpost , by killing everybody, so that no one bothers you while waiting for the tanks.

  • 2 Find the hound cannon

    There are two Hound Cannon's in the outpost that contains the Intel file. They both overlook the road where the tanks will pass. Find the Cannons and Mark them on the Map.

  • 3 Grab the Intel file

    Grab the Intel file. The tanks will then appear on the map moving towards you.

  • 4 Go back to the hound Canon

    Go back to the hound Canon and fire test misses. Make sure you can easily reach the roads.

  • 5 Wait for the tank to arrive

    The tanks will Cross your path. Wait for them.

  • 6 Fire when they appear

    As soon as the tanks show up keep firing. It takes around 3 shots to destroy a tank. The tanks will hardly be able to fire at you since you will be located way above them.

  • 7 The convoy stops when attacked

    When you attack a tank the convoy will stop. So if the tanks stopped moving stop firing until they move again.

  • 8 Important note

    It takes few seconds before the hound missile you fired reaches it's destination so you need to fire few seconds before the tanks reach that point. See how to beat the Skulls - Mission 16.