The Phantom Pain : How to find the film canister

    The Phantom Pain : How to find the film canister

  • 1 Its location changes

    Users have reporting finding the film canister in different places. There is a big possibility that its location changes every time the mission is started from the beginning.

  • 2 Use night vision Googles

    The easiest way to find the film canister is to play the mission at night then equip the night vision googles. The film will glow yellow , like other items viewed with the Google, and more visible.

  • 3 How it looks like

    The Film canister is a very small rectangle. It can hardly be seen in the morning since you might confuse it with the background. Its black but when seen with the night vision googles it glows yellow.

  • 4 Possible locations

    Most people have found the film canister on one of the piles or around one of the square stones on the floor. In all cases it's inside or very close to the ruins. 

  • 5 How to grab it

    All what you need to do to grab the film canister is to stand beside it or above it. It's exactly as if you are grabbing a weapon or an item from the floor. When you find it you will be asked to press circle to get it just like what happens with normal items.

  • 6 Clear the area first

    It's better to get rid of all of the soldiers so that you can search the area without having to worry about anything.

  • 7 wait for the night

    If you started the game in the morning you can wait until the sun sets. You might also want to try your luck in the morning but it can be very hard. See also how to save a game during a mission.