The Phantom Pain : How to save the game during a mission

    The Phantom Pain : How to save the game during a mission

  • 1 There are auto-save points on the map

    There are many auto-save points on the map. As soon as you reach one of those points the game will be automatically saved.

  • 2 Auto save happens when you see the yellow sign

    When you suddenly see the yellow circle at the top right corner of the screen know that the game is currently being saved. The word saving also appears along side the circle.

  • 3 Find a one close to your mission area

    Before starting a mission walk randomly , usually away from the mission area, until you arrive at a point where auto save takes places.

  • 4 When entering a new area

    Auto save points are usually found when you enter a new area and sometimes when you arrive at the mission area.

  • 5 Place a marker on the area

    Place a Marker on the auto save area then start with your mission normally.

  • 6 Save your progress during the mission

    When you do something difficult go back quickly to the save area you marked on the map and your progress will be saved. See also how to kill the man on fire.

  • 7 All progress is saved

    If you saved your progress during a mission then all of the soldiers you killed wont come back again, all of the items you got will be permanently saved while all the enemies you identified will keep their markers.

  • 8 The Alert state goes away

    If during a mission the soldiers went on alert then you saved your progress then restarted the game the alert state will be gone. This is very useful in stealth sneaking missions.

  • 9 There no manual way to save

    There is no manual way to save the game. This is the only way you can force saving. See How to defeat the skulls without a fight - mission 29.

  • 10 Develop a weapon

    Sometimes starting the development of a new weapon from the iDroid forces an auto save.

  • 11 Dispatch troops

    Dispatching troops from the iDroid usually forces autosave.