The Real Story Behing the Haunting in connecticut

    The Real Story Behing the Haunting in connecticut

  • 1 The Snedeker family moved to a new house in 1986

    On the 30th june 1986 the Snedeker family moved to 208 Meriden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut. The house was big and spacious. The house was also near the hospital of their son Philips.

  • 2 They discovered that the house was a mortuary

    The Snedeker family discovered that the house they moved in was a mortuary back in the 1920s and it was called the Hallahan Funeral.

  • 3 Mortuary Equipmet was found hidden in the house

    The family managed to find mortuary equipment hid behind the building materials. See also why people like horror stories. The family also said they found a small graveyard at the back of the house.

  • 4 The Snedeker family believed they saw ghosts

    The Snedeker family said that the house was haunted. They said that they saw ghosts often and that strange things ,such as sounds and temperature changes, used to happen all the time. 

  • 5 Carmen Snedeker explains some of the strange things

    Carmen Snedeker , the mother of Philips, said that the water turned Red when she was mopping the floor, that she saw two ghosts, the lights used to flicker even when they took the light-bulbs off and that the dishes used to put themselves away.

  • 6 Carmen Snedeker describes the ghosts

    Carmen Snedeker said 'They were incredibly powerful one of them was very thin with high cheek bones and long black hair and pitch black eyes, and another had white hair and eyes and was wearing a pinstripe tuxedo and his feet were constantly in motion.'

  • 7 The family said they found personal items of the deceased

    The family said that they found personal items of the deceased such as Toe tags and head tags.

  • 8 Philip became dark and distant

    After Philip moved back to the house his family said that he became dark , violent and distant.

  • 9 Some people believed Carmen did it for money

    Some people , who knew the Snedeker's , said that Carmen was making up the Story for Financial gain. 

  • 10 skeptical investigator Benjamin Radford found nothing

    According to the skeptical investigator Benjamin Radford 'little or no proof that anything supernatural occurred at the house'.

  • 11 Radford believed Ray Garton made it up

    Radford wrote that Ray Garton , who wrote a book about the event, made the story up after being told to do so by the Warrens , the ghost hunters who went to investigate the events in the house.  

  • 12 Ed Warren told Ray to add up events

    According to Radford Ed Warrent told Ray 'You've got some of the story — just use what works and make the rest up… Just make it up and make it scary.'

  • 13 Ed's coauthors said parts of the story was made up

    After Ed died some of his Coauthors said that parts of the story was made up. They said he 'told them to make up incidents and details to create scary stories.' See also why we like horror movies.