The Walking Dead Summary - Sing Me a Song (Episode 7, season 7)

  • 1 Michonne uses her old way

    Michonnes lures two zombies and cuts off their arms and bottom jaws, chains them and uses them to hide from the zombies. Meanwhile, Rick and Aaron head to find supplies in order to honor the deals with Negan.

  • 2 Carl fools Jesus

    Jesus and Carl find the way to Negan's camp. Jesus tells Carl that they should go, but Carl asks Jesus to show him how to jump off a moving truck. When Jesus jumps off, Carl waves to him. He waits inside the truck and when Negan shows up, Carl shoots two of his men.

  • 3 The saviors catch Carl

    Negan tells Carl that he'll show him around when the Saviors catch him. He continuously calls Carl 'badass' and shows him around. He shows him how the people around kneel before him. He then takes him to see his wives. 

  • 4 Negan continues the tour for Carl

    Negan shows Carl how he treats his women. He also humiliates Dwight as he kisses his wife in front of him. Meanwhile at Alexandria, Rosita and Eugene go to find something and part ways with Spencer and Father Gabriel. Spencer expresses dislike to Rick but Gabriel tells him about how Rick helped.

  • 5 Carl removes the eyepatch

    Negan forces Carl to remove the eyepatch to show him his eye. When Carl does, he begins to make fun of how disgusting it is which makes Carl almost break down. Then, Nean shows sympathy and apologizes to Carl. He makes fun of his men to show Carl how it's like.

  • 6 Negan makes Carl sing

    Negan asks Carl to sing for him. He swings Lucille around to threaten Carl who sings for him. He then began asking about his mother. Again, Negan showed sympathy towards 'badass' Carl when Carl tells him that he shot his mom.

  • 7 Negan shows Carl the iron

    Negan irons Mark's face as everyone watches. When Mark faints and urinates himself, he forces Daryl to clean up. Meanwhile, he takes Carl again to realize what he'd do to him. When Negan asks Carl about what he should do, Carl tells him to save him the trouble and jump from the window to die.

  • 8 They find the factory

    Rosita and Eugene find the factory. Meanwhile, Spencer finds supplies and a bow. Rosita asks Eugene to make her a bullet and he is convinced. Meanwhile, Dwight meets up with his wife and they smoke a cigarette together then he leaves before anyone sees them.

  • 9 Daryl threatens Negan

    Daryl threatens Negan that if anything happened to Carl, he will go after him. Negan punishes Daryl by putting him back in the box. There, Daryl finds a note telling him to go now and he does.

  • 10 Michonne sets a trap

    Michonne sets a trap for a woman. She gets in the car and tells her to take her to Negan. Meanwhile, Negan goes to Alexandria with Carl and says that he'd like to stay in Alexandria. 

  • 11 The bullet is made

    Eugene makes Rosita the bullet she asked for. Meanwhile, Rick finds a place full of supplies and possibly ammo. Spencer gets back to Alexandria with the supplies he'd found.