The Walking Dead Summary - The Well (Episode 2, Season 7)

    The Walking Dead Summary - The Well (Episode 2, Season 7)

  • 1 Carol has hallucinations

    Carol has some hallucinations as she is carried by the men. She leaves the group and runs away but continues to have hallucinations until Morgan finds her.

  • 2 Morgan introduces Carol to King Ezekiel

    Morgan pushed Carol's wheelchair to King Ezekiel's room. Carol cannot help but laugh. King Ezekiel has a tigress named Shiva.

  • 3 Morgan goes hunting with Ezekiel

    Morgan and Ezekiel go hunting with a group. They push pigs towards a zombie so they would eat. When Morgan asks why they are feeding on the infected, one of Ezekiel's men tells him that he wants the pigs well fed.

  • 4 Morgan trains Ben

    Ezekiel tells Morgan that Ben isn't good with any weapon so perhaps he could train him with the staff. Morgan trains Ben then Ben asks to borrow his book.

  • 5 Ezekiel meets the Saviors

    Ezekiel takes some of his men and Morgan to meet up with the Saviors. He gives them eight pigs (which were fed with a zombie) and one of the Saviors starts a fight with one of Ezekiel's men. Ezekiel breaks the fight but the Savior punches his man twice.

  • 6 Morgan knows about Negan's men

    When Ezekiel starts talking to Morgan about the Saviors, Morgan tells him that he knows about them and that he killed two of them.

  • 7 Ben and Morgan talk over lunch

    Ben asks Morgan if it's his philosophy not to kill, but Morgan tells him that one can change his mind.

  • 8 Carol escapes

    Carol escapes from the Kingdom at night, but King Ezekiel finds her. He tells her that she went to his favorite place. Then he asks his guard to leave and tells Carol that the act of being a King is just to help people find refuge. He was a zookeeper and a stage actor, having played King roles.

  • 9 Carol is happy at the end

    When he tells Carol that he can help her leave, but stay at the same time, she listens to him. She goes to the house at the beginning of the episode and when Morgan leaves, Ezekiel knocks on the door. Shiva growls and then he gives Carol a pomegranate which makes her smile.