The Walking Dead: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be (Episode 1 - Season 7)

    The Walking Dead: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be (Episode 1 - Season 7)

  • 1 Negan takes Rick for a ride

    Rick tells Negan that he will kill him, not today, not tomorrow, but he will kill him. Negan drags Rick by the collar to the RV, telling his men that if he doesn't come back, they have his permission to kill everyone.

  • 2 Rick takes his axe

    Negan puts Rick's hatchet down and takes the driver seat, telling Rick that his best bet is to take the hatchet and kill him right then. When Rick takes the hatchet and attempts to kill Negan, the latter turns around and points his gun at him. He beats Rick up then takes him on a ride.

  • 3 Rick has flashbacks

    Rick goes through several flashbacks about the members of his group.

  • 4 Negan throws the hatchet out

    Negan throws the hatchet out and tells Rick to go get it. He goes to get it and he remembers how Negan smashed Abraham's head in. Abraham gave Sasha the peace sign before he got his brain bashed in. Negan then told Rosita to look at Lucille.

  • 5 Daryl gets emotional

    Daryl gets emotional when Rosita wouldn't look at the bat. He got up and punched Negan. The men held him down and Negan said that he let only the first one go for free but that's a 'no no'.

  • 6 Negan kills another survivor

    Negan walks around, telling the group that he can't have something like that happen again. He then turns and smashes Glenn's head. Glenn says 'Maggie...I will find you...' before Negan proceeds to smash his head.

  • 7 Rick gets the hatchet

    Rick gets the hatchet while Negan shoots the zombies to protect Rick. When they get back, Negan tells Rick that he has to cut off Carl's arm.

  • 8 Rick swings the hatchet

    Finally, Rick breaks and in the middle of his tears he swings the hatchet but Negan stops him. He tells him that he wanted to see 'that look' in his eyes. He leaves the group. He takes Daryl with him.

  • 9 Maggie decides to go to Hilltop on her own

    Maggie tells the group that she can't have them risking their lives for her again. She tells Rick that he has to kill Negan.