The benefits of the elevation training mask

    The benefits of the elevation training mask

  • 1 It increases the red blood cells

    It's claimed that the Elevation training mask increases the red blood cells. As red blood cells help oxygen get carried to body organs this can improve breathing.

  • 2 Increases lung capacity

    Some people claim that the Training mask increases the lung capacity and allows it to get more oxygen when a person breaths.

  • 3 Increases endurance

    Some athletes reported an increase in their endurance after doing some training sessions with the mask for weeks, See also how resistance training impacts muscles.

  • 4 Simulates training at a high altitude

    The Elevation training mask was designed to simulate the living conditions of people living on mountains. This is believed to make the body stronger and more tolerant. 

  • 5 Increases the power of ventilator muscles

    According to the manual that comes with Elevation training mask 2.0 the usage of the mask can increase the power of the muscles responsible for breathing.

  • 6 Conditioning the body to train with less oxygen

    As the body learns to train with less oxygen it might become able to make better use of the oxygen available later on, See how less oxygen can help muscles grow.

  • 7 Reduces stress on the body

    Some people claim that training while putting a resistance mask can reduce the stress on the body as the heart rate is kept low due to the slow breathing.

  • 8 Psychological benifits

    The mask can make some people feel stronger as it unconsciously reminds them of super heroes and villains like Bane, Batman, Scorpion or Subzero.

  • 9 Faster recovery

    Some people claim that a training mask can help a person recover faster from a workout, See also what does No xplode do.

  • 10 Studies showed mixed results

    Many studies were conducted and they showed mixed results. Some showed that training masks in general don't have any effect while others showed that they have many benefits.