The body language of feet

  • 1 Crossed legs

    In body language, crossed legs might indicate discomfort and fear. A person might cross their legs when they feel anxious, afraid, worried, unhappy, shy or simply uncomfortable.

  • 2 One leg over the other

    When a person feels confident about themselves, they might feel like putting one leg over the other. No matter what the position of the leg is, this gesture always shows that the person feels confident. See the body language of confidence.

  • 3 Toes pointing somewhere

    The toes of the person can point to the direction they want to go to. If a person's toe is pointing towards a door then this might mean that the person wants to walk out of the door.

  • 4 Shaking legs

    When a person feels anxious, worried or stressed, they might start shaking their legs up and down. Shaking the legs is one of the popular signs of anxiety in body language. See body language signs of anxiety.

  • 5 Legs extended

    When a person feels fine and relaxed, they will maintain open body language gestures. One of the famous body language gestures is keeping the legs apart or extending them.

  • 6 Fast steps

    Fast steps usually indicate confidence, energy, motivation and happiness. A person will walk with fast steps if they feel good and motivated.

  • 7 Slow steps

    Slow steps usually indicate sadness, lack of energy, lack of motivation and sometimes low confidence.

  • 8 Standing on both legs

    When a person feels confident, they will stand with both legs firmly planted on the ground. Standing on both legs with a straight back is a sign of confidence.

  • 9 Standing on one leg

    Standing on one leg can indicate lack of energy, low self-confidence and fatigue.

  • 10 Feet touching you

    If a person's feet touches you then this means that they feel comfortable around you. Touching in body language is always a positive sign.

  • 11 Toes pointing upward

    When a person's toe points upward, it might mean that they are in a good mood.