The body language of narcissists

    The body language of narcissists

  • 1 Chin pointed up

    Narcissists consider themselves superior to others and they speak to them the way a member of a royal family speaks to a common man. One of the clear signs of narcissism is always keeping the chin pointed up.

  • 2 Hands behind head

    One of the famous superiority gestures in body language is putting the hands behind the head. This usually happens when the person is sitting. Narcissists will take this position often. See the body language of confidence.

  • 3 Frequent interruptions

    Narcissists will usually interrupt people as they speak simply because they usually consider people's opinions worthless compared to their own. A narcissist will interrupt you to let you know you are saying nonsense.

  • 4 One leg above the other

    One of the gestures that indicate confidence, and sometimes superiority, is putting one leg above the other while talking or listening to people. A narcissist does this when they feel superior to others.

  • 5 Taking up more space

    A typical narcissist will take as much space as they can when they sit and they will usually maintain an open body language. See open body language gestures.

  • 6 Straight back

    A typical Narcissist will have a very straight back while sitting or standing. Their feelings of superiority will help them maintain an upright posture.

  • 7 Aggressive responses

    A typical narcissist will sometimes display aggression and hostility during a conversation even if the conversation is friendly. Narcissists do so to assert their points and prove themselves right. See how to tell if someone is a narcissist.

  • 8 One hand in pocket

    If the narcissist talks while standing then they might keep one hand in pocket. This is another body language gesture that reflects feelings of superiority.

  • 9 Looking down upon people

    Many narcissists look down upon people because of believing that they are better than others.

  • 10 They talk more than they listen

    A typical narcissist will keep talking about themselves all the time in order to show you how great they are. Narcissists are hardly good listeners and they prefer to talk than to listen. See why narcissists devalue you.

  • 11 They have loud voices

    During a debate, the narcissist's voice will become louder and their tone will become more aggressive. A narcissist believes that they can't be proven wrong and their voices get higher in order to show you that you are wrong.