The body language signs of depression

  • 1 Curved back

    When a person feels good about themselves, their backs become straighter. When a person feels down or depressed, their backs become curved. See body language of the back.

  • 2 Slouching in a chair

    When a depressed person sits, they will slouch in their chairs as if they are sinking in the chair. The worse the mood is, the more the person sinks in their chair.

  • 3 Dragging their feet

    When a person feels depressed, their foot steps become heavy and they will be almost dragging their feet in order to walk. See the body language of happiness.

  • 4 Little movements

    A person who is depressed experiences low levels of energy. This person will find it harder to move or to exercise, which is why depressed people move less often.

  • 5 Looking down

    A depressed person will usually look down more than up. Their heads might also be slightly tilted downwards to face the floor.

  • 6 Talking slowly

    A depressed person will have very little energy. This little energy will let the depressed person talk less and slower than usual. See also body language signs of confidence.

  • 7 Lying in bed often

    Because a depressed person has little energy, they usually find it much easier to keep lying in their beds than to move around or do anything.

  • 8 Leaning on structures

    When a person feels good, they stand upright. When a person feels sad or depressed their posture will be bad and will sometimes lean on structures while standing.

  • 9 Taking smaller space

    When a person feels bad, they take smaller spaces with their bodies. The opposite happens when the person feels good and confident.

  • 10 Resting the forehead on the palm

    If a person feels very sad, they might tilt their heads down and then rest their foreheads over their palms in such a way that they would be looking down. This can also happen with both hands.

  • 11 Less eye contact

    A depressed person will maintain less eye contact because they look down often and because they sometimes stare into space while looking down and talking. See also crossing the legs in body language.