The body language signs of lack of interest

  • 1 Yawning

    Yawning on its own might not be an indication of lack of interest, but in many cases, it can signify a person's boredom or the desire to leave. See why do people yawn.

  • 2 Lack of smiles

    When a person gets interested in someone, they might smile to indicate their interest. Not all people smile all the time; however, the total absence of any smiles could indicate lack of interest.

  • 3 Weak eye contact

    When a person is not interested in someone, they will have weak eye contact and they will hardly look at the person. See how to tell if someone dislikes you by their body language.

  • 4 Not asking questions

    When a person is not interested in a conversation, they might not ask questions. While a person can nod to appear if they are interested, they still might not be interested in the conversation. See body language of an active listener.

  • 5 Not engaging in the conversation

    If someone was talking about something and a person chose not to get engaged in the conversation then this might mean that they are not interested.

  • 6 Giving short answers

    When a person is not interested in a conversation, they might respond with short answers in order to demotivate the speaker. See why some people respond with short answers.

  • 7 Not looking in your direction

    If a person is not interested in someone then they might try not to look in their direction. While it might happen by chance that an interested person looks away, the total absence of proper eye contact still usually indicates lack of interest.

  • 8 Not smiling at jokes

    When a person is not interested in someone, they will hardly smile or laugh at their jokes. In many cases, a poker face is a sign of lack of interest.

  • 9 Not facing you with their bodies

    If a person is not interested in talking to someone, they will probably not face them with their bodies properly. In such a case, the person will have their bodies slightly shifted away from the speaker. See also the personal space in body language.

  • 10 Playing with other objects

    If a person starts playing with their phone or with other objects, this could indicate lack of interest. A person who is actively listening will hardly play with other objects.

  • 11 Smiles that fade away quickly

    When a person fakes a smile, it will probably fade away very quickly. Genuine smiles usually last for longer periods of time.

  • 12 Leaning back in chair

    While this sign is not enough on its own to indicate something, it can still show lack of interest when combined with other signs. If the person is leaning back in their chair and doing something else such as checking their phones, they might not be interested.

  • 13 Change of subject

    If the person interrupts a speaker and changes the subject more than once, it might be a clear sign of lack of interest.