The Devil's Dolls 2016 movie explained

    The Devil's Dolls 2016 movie explained

  • 1 Henry was full of negative emotions

    Della, the witch, found Henry as a young boy who was feeling very bad the night of his father's death. Henry was full of bad feelings and negative emotions as a result of what happened to him.

  • 2 Della gave Henry the worry dolls

    Della gave Henry the worry dolls, which were supposed to have healing powers. But instead of healing Henry, they were corrupted by his darkness and became cursed.

  • 3 Henry became a serial killer

    Henry's darkness made him become a serial killer. After he was taken down, his darkness remained in the dolls and made them cursed.

  • 4 The dolls intensify worries

    When someone wears a necklace made of one of the dolls, their worries intensify and grow bigger. Most people can hardly withstand the high level of worrying and so they lose their minds and start killing others.

  • 5 Della wanted to restore the dolls

    Della wanted to restore the healing powers of the dolls so that they can heal people again. She realized that she won't be able to do that unless Chloe dies.

  • 6 Della fooled Matt

    Della fooled Matt by telling him that bringing her the dolls is the only way to save his daughter Chloe. Matt believed her and brought her all the dolls, only to discover that it was a trick.

  • 7 Chloe recovered

    When the dolls were burned, Chloe recovered as Henry's dark powers no longer affected her.

  • 8 Della survived

    At the end of the movie, it was shown that Della survived both the stab and the fire. She was shown cutting down a tree, which signifies that she is up to something bigger.