The difference between creative visualization and daydreaming

    The difference between creative visualization and daydreaming

  • 1 If it results in motivation, it's Creative visualization

    Creative visualization usually results in motivation. Day dreams can lead to pleasant feelings but no action. If a person feels motivated after visualizing something then certainly it's creative visualization.

  • 2 Creative visualization is goal oriented

    Creative visualization helps the person become motivated to reach important goals. Visualizing that you are achieving your goals can motivate you to pursue them.

  • 3 Creative visualization is realistic

    Day dreaming usually includes unrealistic scenarios such as flying or saving the world from evil. Creative visualization is a realistic process that helps a person recall his realistic goals.

  • 4 Day dreaming is an escapement method

    Day dreaming is an escaping method used by people to forget about their real world problems. Creative visualization on the other hand, is a way of remembering important missions (See why some people lie to themselves).

  • 5 Is it achievable

    If the scenario a person thinks of is achievable, it can be considered creative visualization, otherwise it's considered day dreaming.

  • 6 Are you taking action?

    If a person keeps visualizing realistic scenarios but never takes any action to achieve them, this kind of visualization is certainly day dreaming. The fact that the goals are achievable isn't enough. Unless action is taken, visualization is considered day dreaming.

  • 7 Creative visualization happens consciously

    Creative visualization is done using the conscious mind, where a person visualizes a certain scenario on intention. Day dreaming usually happens randomly and is usually controlled by the subconscious mind.

  • 8 Day dreams are just wishes

    Day dreams are just wishes that usually can never be fulfilled. Creative visualization is a method that is based on a plan. While a day dream is usually impossible, a plan that is visualized over and over can turn into reality one day.

  • 9 Day dreams distract people

    Day dreams are distraction tools. They pull a person's attention away from an unpleasant task. Creative visualization is a method that puts you back on track.

  • 10 Creative visualization is done by the brave

    Brave people use Creative visualization to help themselves in their journey towards their goals. Those who don't have enough courage turn to day dreaming to fulfill their wishes and unmet needs.