The disadvantages of working from home

    The disadvantages of working from home

  • 1 Home becomes dull as it reminds the person of work

    When a person works from home their home, the room reminds them of work, especially the room where they work. Instead of becoming a place to find peace, home can be a place full of negative emotions.

  • 2 Getting disconnected from the team

    In many cases, a person who works from home gets disconnected from the team as they don't come in direct contact with the team members. When people meet often, they usually bond more and get more connected to each other.

  • 3 Reduced learning

    Learning can happen as a result of the random interactions that take place within the work environment. When a person works from home, their chance of learning new things might get reduced.

  • 4 Other family members can keep distracting the person

    If a person works from home then their family members might keep distracting them while working because of not being able to fully understand that they are still at work 

  • 5 Noisy work environment

    If a person lives beside a busy street or if for any reason their neighborhood is noisy then they might find it harder to concentrate on work. See the advantages of working from home.

  • 6 Problems waking up on time

    The fact that a person can work without time restrictions or without being seen can result in problems in waking up or starting work at the proper time.

  • 7 Unplanned distractions

    A person who works at home is more likely to face unplanned distractions such as an unexpected visitor, a door ringing or an important phone call.

  • 8 Family members can sometimes fail to take the work seriously

    Because family members usually see a person working from home in their comfortable clothes, they can sometimes hardly take their work seriously and this can result in more distractions.

  • 9 Time management problems

    Some people find it very hard to manage their time properly when they work from home. Those people usually prefer to have someone set the schedule for them so that they don't have to burden themselves with planning.

  • 10 Not making new friends

    A person who works at home hardly makes any work friends. Working in an office can promote social relations and help a person get to know new people.

  • 11 Security problems

    A person's workstation might not be as secure as a computer in a protected business environment. The computer can catch a virus or the information can get compromised as a result of low security.

  • 12 Workaholics can hardly stop working

    Workaholics usually work more when they are allowed to work from home because they always find it very easy to return to their desks whenever they remember any work-related matter.

  • 13 High self-discipline is needed

    Because the person who works from home is usually free to do what they want, very high self-discipline is needed to get the important tasks done. Without such discipline, a person might fail to complete important work.

  • 14 Reducing the chance of promotion

    In many cases, promotion happens as a result of the good relationship between a manager and an employee. If the manager hardly sees an employee then it might be harder for that employee to get promoted.

  • 15 Not getting enough sunlight

    A person who works from home might not get the needed amount of sunlight for their bones to become strong enough and for their mood to be regulated.