The Discovery movie 2017 explained

    The Discovery movie 2017 explained

  • 1 Death sends people to parallel words

    When a person dies, he is sent to a parallel world or dimension where he gets to relive his same life again but while having the chance to slightly change the events.

  • 2 Landing point is determined by regret

    When a person dies they are sent to the point of their previous life that they regret the most. This is why Will always finds himself on the ferry at the point where he met Isla whenever he died. Because Will regrets not saving Isla, he is always sent to this point when he dies.

  • 3 Will died many times

    Will died many times and each time he dies he starts his life on the ferry with Isla. During each life, he tries to make changes to save her and prevent her from killing herself. It becomes evident in the movie that Will is looping many times where he always starts at the same point.

  • 4 Will can't remember past lives

    The beginning of the movie happens after Will has already died. This becomes evident when he tells Isla that she has a familiar face. While Will can't remember his previous lives, he felt that something is familiar about Isla's face.

  • 5 The ending scene was just a memory

    At the end of the movie, we see Will talking to Isla on the ferry. This is not a real situation, but it's just Will's subconscious mind trying to help him think of a solution. In that scene, Isla tells him that she is not real and that this is just a memory.

  • 6 Will saved Isla

    In the ending scene while Will is talking to the imaginary Isla she tells him that he has already saved her. This is Will's subconscious mind telling him that he has already saved Isla by doing the right things when he came back to life.

  • 7 Will saved Isla's child

    After Isla died at the end of the movie, Will used the machine on himself. The machine might have killed Will and this is why he restarted his life. This time Will restarted his life on the beach at a new point of regret where he wanted to save Oliver. Will managed to save Isla's child.

  • 8 Will might have remembered Isla

    At the end of the movie, it wasn't made clear whether Will remembered Isla or not. Based on the theory in the movie, when a person restarts his life they forgets everything about the previous one. The look Will gave to Isla by the end of the movie might have meant that he remembered her.