The psychological benefits of writing

    The psychological benefits of writing

  • 1 Releasing frustration and anger

    writing can help a person release a great deal of anger and frustration. When a person writes about a topic that concerns him, his mind will dump some of the emotional load it was carrying and as a result he might feel much better.

  • 2 Writing is a from of expressive therarpy

    Expressive therapy is a type of therapy that allows people to express their unwanted emotions in order to get rid of them. Writing is one form of expressive therapy since it allows people to express their emotions through words.

  • 3 Turning problems into small objects

    When a person writes about his problems his subconscious mind sees the problem as an object since it's now on paper. The act of objectifying problems makes them much easier to handle and helps a person feel better about them.

  • 4 Helps the person become more expressive

    As a person struggles to find the right words to describe his feelings he can become more expressive and as a result his communication skills can improve as well as his social life.

  • 5 Strengthening one's beliefs

    Writing is one form of using affirmations to strengthen beliefs. When a person writes he usually states his beliefs and as he recalls them they become stronger. Since beliefs are usually strengthened by repetition writing can help a person have stronger beliefs.

  • 6 Helps the memory

    When a person writes something down it becomes easier for him to recall it. Students who write things down while studying usually have less of a problem recalling those things in exams (See also how self control weakens memory).

  • 7 Keeps the mind sharp

    Writing can keep the mind sharp as a person ages. It provides good cognitive training for the brain and helps keep the brain in better shape.

  • 8 It helps the brain become at ease

    People usually deny the things that bother them or they try to escape from them. Because peace of mind can only happen after confrontation, writing can be a method that helps a person reach inner peace.

  • 9 Writing has positive long term health effects

    People who keep a diary were found to be happier and less likely to suffer from mental problems. Writing helps the brain dump suppressing emotions and as a result promotes better mental health.

  • 10 Can promote better self understanding

    Because thoughts can be too cluttered, writing can sometimes help a person see the bigger picture and understand those tangled emotions better.

  • 11 Can boost the immune system

    A study has shown that writing can help a person strengthen his immune system. People who suffer from long term diseases were found to heal better when they spend some time each day doing expressive writing.

  • 12 Writing can reduce stress

    By writing down a problem it becomes well defined, as a result the brain finds it easier to process it. This helps reduce anxiety and stress that come from uncertainty (See the causes of stress).