The effects of masturbation on testosterone

    The effects of masturbation on testosterone

  • 1 Masturbation does not affect testosterone levels

    Many studies have shown that masturbation does not affect testosterone levels neither positively nor negatively on the very short term.

  • 2 Temporary rise during sexual activity

    Testosterone levels can rise temporarily during sexual activity or masturbation but it shortly returns back to normal.

  • 3 Slight increase

    Some studies have claimed that testosterone can slightly increase after masturbation for young men, however, the increase was also short lived, according to the study.

  • 4 Sexual activity isn't similar to masturbation

    Some studies have shown that testosterone rises after sexual activity but stays the same after masturbation. The studies claim that the body can tell the difference between real sex and masturbation.

  • 5 Abstaining from masturbation

    A popular study has shown that abstaining from masturbation has no impact on testosterone for 6 days, but on the 7th day, testosterone increases by 145.7% then drops rapidly on the 8th day.

  • 6 Acute abstinence can increase testosterone

    According to a popular study, acute abstinence can increase testosterone in males. During the study, the blood of 10 men was constantly monitored and they were asked to abstain from masturbation for 10 days. Testosterone was higher at the end of the study.

  • 7 Abstinence increases testosterone by 0.5ng/ml

    According to one study, the difference between men who abstain from masturbation and those who don't is 0.5ng/ml.

  • 8 Masturbation may prevent the body from utilizing testosterone

    According to one study, after multiple orgasms the body might experience a sharp decline in androgen receptors and a sharp increase in estrogen receptors. If testosterone levels don't go down, the body can fail to utilize it properly.

  • 9 Mixed data

    Studies came up with mixed data when the effects of masturbation on testosterone was examined. The topic is under research and many of the studies were done on rats not humans. See why men lose sexual desire after ejaculation.