Uncharted 3 chapter 6 - The Chateau - Wall tile puzzle

  • 1 Check your journal


    The journal will tell you the place of the first two tiles by showing you how the neighboring tiles should look like. For example, on the left page you can see the eagle tile surrounded by three different tiles.

  • 2 Move the eagle tile


    Move the eagle tile so that it's surrounded by the three tiles that were shown in the journal entry.

  • 3 Move the horse tile


    Move the horse tile so that it's in the same relative position to the eagle tile as described in the journal. The horse tile must be one tile above the eagle tile and three tiles to the left of it.

  • 4 Find the position of the last two tiles


    You can know the position of the last two tiles (the lion and the Taurus) by examining the ground of the room. When you stand on those rocks they will tell you which tiles should be surrounding the Taurus and the lion Tile.  

  • 5 Move the lion tile


    Move the Lion tile so that it lies between the four symbols shown in the picture. Note that those symbols were known by stepping on the key stones on the ground.

  • 6 Place the taurus sign


    Move the taurus sign to the right place shown in the picture. Again, this was known from the key stones on the floor of the room.

  • 7 A path will open


    After you move all the four tiles in place, a place below the wall of tiles will open. 

  • 8 Order doesn't matter

    The order of solving this puzzle doesn't matter. It won't make a difference which tiles you move first.