Video Summary : 5 Things You Didn't Know About Air Force One

    Video Summary : 5 Things You Didn't Know About Air Force One

  • 1 The idea originated in 1943

    In 1943 US officials worried about letting the president of the united states use commercial aircrafts. They thought of letting him use a specially designated aircraft.

  • 2 The name was used in 1953

    The name air Force one started being used in 1953 after an event that was about to lead to an accident between the president's airplane and another airplane.

  • 3 What the name means

    The name air force one doesn't refer to a specific airplane but it refers to any airplane that is currently carrying the president of the united states.

  • 4 The name Army 1

    If the president decided to get into a military airplane then this plan is going to be called Army one.

  • 5 Air force two

    If the vice president went on a airplane it will be called Air force two or Army two if it was a military airplane.

  • 6 It's a Boeing 747

    The airplane that the president currently uses is a specially customized Boeing 747. There are two of them. The airplane is fully customized and has an Arial communication and command center. The airplane is a flying bunker with very high security.

  • 7 Communication on the airplane

    The airplane has 85 phones, fax machines and high class office furniture. The president can easily call any person on the planet from his aircraft. 

  • 8 Each Journey is a military operation

    Each Journey for air force one is considered a military operation. The airplane is located in andrews air force base in maryland. Before a flight the marine one helicopter brings the president from the white house to the air force base.

  • 9 The Cargo airplane

    When the president flies a cargo airplane carrying his cars is sent to the destination.

  • 10 Probably no weapons

    Little is known about the weapons of Air force one but it's widely believed that it can only jam and evade missiles and that it doesn't have its own weapons.  The airplane can fly around half the planet without refueling and it can be refueled while its in the air.

  • 11 It costs 181,000 USD per hour

    The airplane costs the united states 181,000 USD per flight hour. The airplane has 4000 ft of space on 3 levels. It has a gym , a special sweet for the president and a medical sweet that can function as an operating room.