Video Summary : 6 Reasons NOT to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 - Matt Schaefer

    Video Summary : 6 Reasons NOT to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 - Matt Schaefer

  • 1 Reason number 1 : The setup

    Matt said that the setup time for Samsung S6 is really long. He said that some services had to manually be stopped one by one. He also said that some services can't be uninstalled even after being stopped and so they keep taking space. 

  • 2 Reason number 2 : The home button wiggles

    Matt said that it bothers him that the home button wiggles in it's place. He said that the button should have been put in a more secure way that prevents wiggling (see also why Apple has very high quality standards). 

  • 3 Reason number 3 : The glass back

    Matt said that the glass back is similar to the one in the iPhone 4 and that it's a bad idea because it can shatter very easily if the phone fell on it's back (See also 8 reasons not to buy the iPhone 6 - Matt Schaefer).

  • 4 Reason number 4 : The phone is slippry

    Matt said that the combination of the glass back and the metal edges make the phone very slippery. Matt said that he dropped the phone more than once because it's very slippery. 

  • 5 Reason number 5 : Off-screen buttons

    Matt said that it happens a lot that while clicking on the screen his palm clicks one of the off-screen buttons and cause something undesired to happen.

  • 6 Reason number 6 : The fingerprint scanner

    Matt said that the fingerprint scanner is not as accurate as the iPhone's and that the phone get it wrong many times before getting it right (See also why some people hate iPhones).

  • 7 Matt : This is just my opinion

    Matt said that what he said in this video is just his opinion and that he is just describing what he didn't like about the phone from his own point of view.