Video Summary: 7 Things Girls Wish EVERY Guy Knew! - ThinkTank

    Video Summary: 7 Things Girls Wish EVERY Guy Knew! - ThinkTank

  • 1 John: We are trying to bridge the gap between men and women

    John said that they have surveyed some TYT female viewers to find out what they want the male viewers to know about women.

  • 2 Emily K: Don't trashtalk your ex or call her crazy

    Emily K, one of TYT female viewers, said that guys who trashtalk their exes are bitter. John said that women get mad when someone calls them crazy and that calling someone crazy doesn't mean that men are talking about all women.

  • 3 Maria @Qdax: Flashing us your junk isn't hot or sexy

    Maria was talking about the trend of guys sending dick pictures to their girl friends. She said that this is not interesting or appealing to women.

  • 4 Grande Venus: We can't be expected to be feminine or girly all the time as stereotypes suggest

    The hosts agreed that a woman who doesn't try to act feminine all the time might be more confident, as she isn't responding to the pressures put on her by society.

  • 5 Gunspussyink: Lesbians don't want straight men's help

    Gunspussyink, a TYT viewer, pointed out that it's not respectable for a man to try to help a lesbian woman because he has other intentions such as seducing her.

  • 6 Maria @Qdax: Intelligence is more important than looks in the long run

    John said that while some people might not be looking for the long run, a woman can still find both an intelligent and a good looking man.

  • 7 Evoked: Don't dress like a complete douche

    Evoked said that t-shirts with giant designs are douchey, please don't wear them. John said that men's fashion doen't evolve as fast as woman's fashion so sometimes men keep wearing the same old stuff for years.

  • 8 StepFancy: Don't compare us to other women

    John said that while women keep talking about male celebrities, they are asking men not to do so and that's a kind of double standard; however, he can still understand it because women always keep comparing themselves to other females and so they don't need to hear it from other men.

  • 9 John: Those points should give some clues about women

    John said that those points, even though some of them are already known, can help men get a clue about what women might really want and how they think.