Video Summary : 8 Reasons NOT to Buy the iPhone 6 - Matt Schaefer

    Video Summary : 8 Reasons NOT to Buy the iPhone 6 - Matt Schaefer

  • 1 Reason number 1 : The price

    Matt said that if you are buying it off contract then $650 is too much to pay for it's the cheapest option. Matt said if you are buying it on contract then you don't need to worry about that (See also why is Apple watch so expensive).

  • 2 Reason number 2 : The protruding Camera

    Matt said that the phone can't lie flat on a surface because of the protruding camera. Matt also said that this makes the camera subject to damage easily. Matt said he dropped the phone on the back and the camera cracked.

  • 3 Reason number 3 : Lack of front protection

    Matt said that design of the screen makes it more possible for the screen to break even if the phone fell on its side since the sides of the iPhone don't act as a protection.

  • 4 Reason number 4 : The front facing camera

    Matt said that if you take a lot of selfies you won't like the quality of the front camera which is only 1.2 megapixel. Matt said if selfies are important for you then there are better options.

  • 5 Reason number 5 : The Antenna

    Matt said he doesn't like the Antennas because they look bad , according to his point of view, and that they can be scratched easily.

  • 6 Reason number 6 : the bezels

    Matt said that iPhones have a large forehead and chin and that the phone could have been smaller of those bezels were reduced in size while maintaining the same screen size (See why some people love iPhones).

  • 7 Reason number 7 : Lack of customizability

    Matt said if you are looking for more customizability then you should go for Android (See why some Android users hate iPhone users).

  • 8 Reason number 8 : Burst selfies

    Matt said it bothers me that apple advertises their new feature , taking 10 selfies in a second, as if it's innovation while it's no big deal.